Safe and Compliant – Building Approvals and Advice for Queenslanders

Whether it’s a carport, deck, patio or a new dwelling, BA&A have a streamline certification process to get your building approvals out the door in the most efficient way possible.

If you need advice related to the certification process, save time and money in the process and talk to the experts when you need them.

With our experience and industry connections, BA&A offers fixed quoting and quick turnaround for pool building approvals.

Get the certification you need for progression and speed of delivery with your shop-fitting project.

Ensure that the structural integrity of your project is where it needs to be. With background in structural engineering, the team at BA&A helps underpinners along the building approvals process with ease.

BA&A supports Brisbane industry leaders with domestic demolition and asbestos removal. We are committed to demolition safety as well as saving our clients time and money.

Building certification is now required for re-roofing work in Queensland. Ensure your project is safe and ready to withstand severe weather events.