Safe and Compliant – Building Approvals and Advice for Queenslanders

Whether it’s a carport, deck, patio or a new dwelling, BA&A have a streamline certification process to get your building approvals out the door in the most efficient way possible.

There is no need for re-designs, GIA’s and amendments, get your design right the first time! Work with our commercial division to ensure your vision is a reality. We specialise in multi-residential 3 storey walk ups and small commercial projects, providing the advice and specialties to get you that certification tick.

With our experience and industry connections, BA&A offers fixed quoting and a 1-week turnaround for pool building approvals.

Ensure that the structural integrity of your project is where it needs to be. With background in structural engineering, the team at BA&A helps underpinners along the building approvals process with ease.

Get the certification you need for progression and speed of delivery with your shop-fitting project.

If you need advice related to the certification process, save time and money in the process and talk to the experts when you need them.